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Volkswagen Beetle Lanham MD

The Volkswagen Beetle is an icon of German automakers. The Beetle is the most produced automobile of a single design. Below you’ll find related articles as well as local companies and providers that will help you in your search for the Volkswagen Beetle.

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1959 Volkswagen Beetle - Show-Off Bug

Anthony Morris got this 1959 VW Bug back in 1986 for only $500, but it's not a derelict wreck anymore. In fact, Morris estimates that $9,000 and 200 hours over nine years went into upgrading the Bug's A/V system alone, not to mention the time, money and hard work that went into the rest of the vehicle.

"All the speakers in the car are home-audio speakers," Morris points out. "I thought they would give me an advantage in the sound-quality department, and it worked out well." Because he's an audiophile and a sheetmetal worker, Morris could have done much of the work himself, but he enlisted the help of his friend Bryce Nordstrand (who was an installer at Audio Shoppe in Riverside, CA, at the time) to make the system a real showpiece.

Bugged Out"We tore the car apart," says Morris, "and put Dynamat Xtreme on the roof, rear compartment and door frames; we put HushMat on the floor and Q-Pads in the doors and quarter panels." Work on the A/V system was done at Nordstrand's home and at Audio Shoppe.

To head the system, the Panasonic CQ-VAD7300U receiver/monitor in the dash plays CDs and DVDs, and the Panasonic CX-DP88U changer can hold eight CDs. The head sends a video signal to an 8-inch AcceleVision monitor mounted in the front of the trunk (and also powers old speakers from a drive-in movie theater).

Frequencies For The PeopleMorris selected Xtant's P500A 5-band balanced-line parametric equalizer "to compensate for the deficiencies in the sound mechanics due to the interior of the car," he explains. Also, the built-in noisegate reduces hiss and other background noise in between tracks and during quiet passages. When Morris wants to tweak the bass, a remote-mounted bass knob lets him boost or cut low frequencies from the driver's seat. On either side of the Xtant EQ in the front trunk are two custom-built 3-way Madisound passive crossovers. Filtering was modeled in the LEAP computer program and performance was measured by an Audio Precision computerized test rig.

One Xtant 302A amplifier powers the left-side speakers, another 302A powers the right speakers and an Xtant 2200ix mono sub amp pushes the two 10" Peerless subwoofers. Bridged, each 302A is rated for 300 watts (mono into 4-ohm loads) and the 2200ix is rated to put 800 watts into the subs (2-ohm loads). The active filters in the amps have slopes of 12dB per octave (except for 24dB/octave slopes for the subwoofers).

The Dub's Subs (Plus Mids And Highs)Morris designed a 4-way system with nothing but high-end home-audio speakers. The tweeters and mids went in the kick panels, and the woofers went in doors (making them "indoor" speakers). The sub enclosure behind the rear seat holds two 10" Peerless subwoofers that take electrical power from the sub amp and two 10" Peerless passive radiators take acoustic power from the inside of the enclosure. The subwoofers only get frequencies under 70Hz, which can be hard to localize, so bass images should stay up front and not smear to the...

Author: CAE

Car Audio and Electronics, Formation Media, Inc.

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2000 VW Beetle - Bite

by CAE , Jul 01, 2008
Center Console
As if the "in-your-face" speakers on the dash weren't enough, two more Kicker eights occupy a customized center console enclosure above the shifter, firing more midbass frequencies to both passenger and driver. On top of that, a second set of component speakers resides in custom kick panels to complete the front stage.

These features are perhaps what led 25-year-old Phillip Carey to purchase his '00 V-Dub Beetle. "All I ever owned were Volkswagens," Carey exclaimed. Only several weeks after the purchase of the brand-new vehicle, Carey was bit by his "bug." He felt the infamous "itch that needed to be scratched," which all tuners seem to go through, taking a perfectly good car and turning it into something more unique. "I had primer on the doors and a flip-down monitor while still riding on its 30-day tag," he added. The metamorphosis started with slight body modifications that quickly led to the complete removal of the interior.

Hitting the low notes isn't a problem for this system. Three Kicker CompVR 12-inch subwoofers in a sealed custom enclosure provide chest-pounding bass for everyone within a one-block radius. However, in order to accommodate the box to house the subs, the rear seats were ditched. In their place reside a custom enclosure made of 3/4-inch MDF and fiberglass. Carey's fabrication experience makes all the difference in how this enclosure looks, appearing as if this were an option right off the showroom floor. He carefully positioned the subs in a triangular arrangement for optimal cosmetic appeal then followed it up with matching candy orange paint.

Dash Head Unit
The audio transformation of this Beetle started within its dash area. Carey wanted a source unit that would entertain as well as help him find the hottest spots in his town of Dallas, N.C., so he chose Pioneer's AVIC-N2 to get the job done. The stock head unit was quickly pulled out of the cavity, and the slick all-in-one N2 slipped right in its place. With a push of a button on the Pioneer head unit, Carey gets access to all his sources and the database that contains millions of points of interest through the built-in motorized 7-inch touchscreen display.

With an array of speakers in the car, Carey needed some serious horsepower to control them. Kicker's powerful amplifiers had the "oomph" and the cosmetic appeal that he was looking for. The Kicker ZX500.1 mono amplifier handled the job for the subs, while the Kicker ZX350.4 4-channel amplifier powered the rest of the speakers. Once more, he needed to find room for the amps and chose to sacrifice the trunk space for "show." After careful consideration, the amprack was built directly behind the sub box, which flowed nicely into the trunk. With more fiberglass work and matching suede, the amplifiers were comfortable in their place.

Dash Speakers
For speakers, the Beetle's unique ultra-deep dash provi...

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