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How to Install HIDs

Project Kia Sportage
by Bing Xu Staff Writer , Sep 06, 2010    12 Followers 12  
Recently, my wife and I reached the conclusion that our 2009 Honda Civic LX sedan, while a brilliant all-around commuter/daily driver, somewhat lacked in one key area, internal space. Each time one set of our parents visited from out of town, we were forced to leave the Civic behind because it simply couldn't accommodate four adults and a handful of check-in luggage. After some discussions, it was decided that a compact crossover/SUV was the ticket to addressing our needs, and process of test drives and price haggling started soon thereafter. Testing and evaluating every vehicle in this burgeoning class of vehicles took quite a few months, but finally, the Mazda CX-7 and the Toyota RAV-4 emerged as the leading contenders. The only sticking point price. With the poor economy, we felt that finding the cheapest solution was the smartest choice, but both the Mazda and Toyota would net more than 60 percent increase in monthly payments compared to our Civic. Additionally, our intent to use this vehicle for the next five to seven years meant that purchasing a pre-owned model with discounts that were significant enough to matter was out of the question based on existing mileage.

Then one day, as we drove by the local auto mall, our eyes caught the sight of a car neither of us has seen before, a compact crossover with lean, chiseled lines, sparkling 18 inch alloys and bright red paint, sitting proudly on a raised platform right by the road. “What was that?!” Was the thought that popped into both of our heads as we made a quick u-turn and pulled into the dealership, a big red KIA logo prominently displayed on the showroom building. A quick walk around confirmed our initial assessment that it is a pretty good looking car, featuring a good blend of masculine shapes that befits a SUV, but with edgy creases and design touches that are decidedly modern. A salesman approached and we were informed that this is a 2011 Kia Sportage, a car that arrived on the showroom floor just the past week. A quick test drive added to our enthusiasm: it was composed, quiet and endowed with decent power for our needs. The quality of the interior and exterior was on par with the offerings we sampled previously from other manufacturers. The window sticker though, carried the biggest delight. Despite being an upper-end EX model with a slew of extra features such as bigger wheels, chrome accents and fog lights, it was a scratch above twenty-three thousand dollars and barely above the MSRP of lower trim lines from Mazda and Toyota. The LX, which sacrifices surprisingly little in terms of amenities and is the trim we wanted, starts at barely over twenty thousand, which handily undercuts our other choices by almost two grand!

With this being a brand new design, I thought it might be a great opportunity to use it as a project vehicle for Ca...

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