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Protect your vehicle with a car security system. Install a car alarm, utilize steering wheel locks, and make sure your doors are locked to prevent car theft. Below you’ll find related articles as well as local companies and providers that will help you in your search for car security systems.

Crystal Equation Corporation
(847) 562-0900
1935 Shermer Road
Northbrook, IL
Computer Software, Computer Network Hardware, Computer Networks, Communications and Public Relations Consultants

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Grapevine Telephone Network
(847) 317-0700
7900 Nagle Avenue # 100
Morton Grove, IL
Office Furniture and Equipment Dealers, Computer Software, Computer Network Hardware, Computer Networks, Phone Equipment and Systems Dealers

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(630) 595-2015
699 Supreme Drive
Bensenville, IL
Computer Software, Computer Network Hardware, Computer Networks

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Sedna Solutions Inc
(773) 327-0197
3945 N Clarendon Avenue
Chicago, IL
Computer Software, Computer Network Hardware, Computer Networks

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(847) 520-0988
1550 East Lake Cook Road
Wheeling, IL
Recycling Services
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Mon-Fri: 8:00am-9:00pm Sat: 9:00am-9:00pm Sun :11:00am-6:00pm

CDW Corporation
(847) 465-6000
200 N Milwaukee Avenue
Vernon Hills, IL
Exporters, Computers and Equipment Wholesale and Manufacturers, Computer Software, Computer and Software Stores, Advertising Agencies and Consultants

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Laurus Technologies
(630) 625-5035
1039 West Hawthorn Drive
Itasca, IL
Computer Software, Computer Network Hardware, Computer Networks, Computer Systems Consultants and Designers

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Valcon Systems Inc
(630) 855-8284
111 West Railroad Avenue
Bartlett, IL
Computers and Equipment Repair and Maintenance, Computer Supplies Parts and Accessories, Computer Software, Computer Networks, Nonclassified Establishments
Mon 10:00 AM-06:00 PM
Tue 10:00 AM-06:00 PM
Wed 10:00 AM-06:00 PM,

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Partnering Solutions
(708) 836-1252
11121 Eaton Court
Westchester, IL
Computer Consultants, Computer Networking Installation, Computer Software, Computer Network Hardware

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(847) 590-0030
201 West Rand Road
Mount Prospect, IL
M-F 8-9, Sa 9-9, Su 10-6*

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Code Alarm, Inc. - Street Security

by CAE , Jan 01, 2001

The present 10 PowerCode(tm) DNA Software Cartridges share various combinations of over 100 different programmable features arranged in ten different "feature sets." Since some cartridges only include some of these features while others include more, Code Alarm once again engineered a very workable solution. Each of the ten PowerCode(tm) DNA Software Cartridges comes packaged with a pair of remote controls specifically designed to operate only the feature set of that cartridge, as well as the appropriate Owner's Manual. For example, a basic keyless entry DNA Software Cartridge would be packaged with a pair of simple 3 button remote controls and simple Owner's Manual. While the top of the line DNA software cartridge would come with the maximum 6-button remote control and a full-blown Owner's Manual. The new remote controls also follow the same "thinking out of the box" approach of the rest of the PowerCode(tm) line-up by coming in 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-button styles, built upon the same remote transmitter design platform. Simple!

Okay, great, but what does all this mean to you the security system buyer and user? It is beneficial to you in a great many ways. To start with, the installer of any new PowerElite(tm) system only needs to know how to install one system, since there only IS one system. This is bound to make installations easier and quicker. Next, your dealer only needs to keep one system in stock. So, in the unlikely event of a failure of the system itself, a replacement can be plugged in, the DNA Software Cartridge swapped, and you're right back on the road. Ever been a victim of "buyers remorse" after purchasing an item that turned out to be less, or even more than what you wanted? No problem, say you buy a system with a simple feature set in August, then in December as the first chill of Winter comes to the air, you realize you want (and need) a system with remote engine start? A quick trip to your dealer, and a quick upgrade of DNA Software Cartridges and remote controls, and you're ready to be toasty warm in your vehicle till Spring has sprung! Uh huh, DUH!

Lastly, remember I mentioned in the beginning that Code Alarm had essentially "reinvented" itself? That isn't just confined to the development of this new PowerCode(tm) Technology. Code Alarm's new attitude gives them the ability to bring new ideas to market much faster than the industry standard of 12 to 18 months. In order to be as responsive as possible to their customers, Code Alarm has created the "Quick Response Team." This team, comprised of members from several departments including Engineering, Manufacturing, Technical Support, and Customer Service, meets for 15 minutes every work-day morning to compare notes and resolve any current issues. There is a new customer service manager, hired from outside the security industry, with the goal of maintaining the highest level of customer service in the indu...

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Convenient Security Systems - T-Square

by CAE , Feb 01, 2001

In the November issue we talked about security and some things that are a must to have when looking for an alarm system. This issue we will talk about the cool things you can do with it. For instance, how many times have you wished on a rainy day you could release the trunk open or unlock your door so you can get in faster. How many times have you gotten in your car and wished you could have warmed the car up for a few minutes before entering. How about when you forget to roll your windows up all the way on a rainy day. Many times we feel security systems are just for protecting the vehicle. But they are capable of a lot more.

There are many convenient features that can be added to a security system with no hassles. One of the coolest is the remote start module. With this you can start your car from a distance and have it turn on accessories such as the radio, air conditioner and heater/defroster. These modules are very safe and include a hood pin switch. If the vehicle accelerator gets stuck when remote started it shuts down the vehicle. If it notices the engine temperature is very high it will shut down. If the remote start module does not start the car the first time then it will retry once and then quit. If someone breaks in to the vehicle and tries to take off and steps on the brake then it will shut off also. You can also program it to give you a visual confirmation that it has remote started the vehicle. It is very well designed. The cost installed is usually around $250. The next cool feature allows you to control your windows and sunroof in many ways. Rolling the windows up when you arm the security system, or venting a little or rolling down the windows completely. Most windows will require a module to control them, which can allow independent window and sunroof control. This feature is very cool when it is hot outside and you are afraid it is going to be toasty when you get back to your car. The window module can also add a feature that comes only for the driver side window when purchased from the factory (that is, one-touch up or down. The window and sunroof module installed start from about $ 200 on up.

Have you ever had groceries in your hand and had to open the trunk? Not easy! Trunk release is the solution. Some alarm companies allow you to open the trunk with the security system armed and it knows when you have closed the trunk to turn the trunk pin switch back on. This feature costs from $ 50 and up installed. If you have a SUV then you can also add rear window release, which helps when you want to load the back of the truck. Strobe lights are very cool when you want to scare somebody away from your car from a distance or create attention towards your vehicle when it has been broken in. Strobe lights are available in different colors and intensity depending on your needs. They start from $ 75 on up installed. You can also control your head unit if it ...

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